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Salon Policies


Thank you for choosing to book with Hair by Marsay! I've literally been waiting on you all my life.  It is crucial that you read (prior to booking), understand, and abide by the salon policies. I appreciate your cooperation, and assistance with making this THE BEST experience for both parties.  


Wednesday/Friday 9am to 9pm
Saturday 8am - 5:30pm
Tuesday - Friday 9am-9pm
Saturday 8am-6pm

Absolutely no business is done on Sunday and Monday. If you have questions outside of business hours please refer to faq to see if your question has been answered.



A $25-$50 non-refundable/non-transferable deposit is required to book.  The $25-$50 deposit is applied towards your service.  Deposits can roll over once (if rescheduled in time) up to one month (30 days) after original appointment date. Thereafter, deposit is void and a new deposit will be required.

Example: The deposit on an appointment originally scheduled on 3/30 will have to be applied towards service by 4/29 (30 days).   


Calendar opens on the 15th of each month for the entire following month at no specific time.

Example: On January 15th the entire month of February will be available for booking.  Sign up  for text alerts to be notified.

Be sure to read the description of the service prior to booking to ensure you are booking the correct service. Due to time constraints, all services must be booked. Any services that aren't scheduled will not be rendered unless time permits. If you are unsure about services, contact me and I will be happy to assist. Services are rendered for those aged 18 years and older.



Rescheduling is the sole responsibility of the client.  Now y'all know I can't be stopping on my clients to reschedule y'all appointments.  You are a big girl and you got this.  Just follow the instructions in the next sentences.  The rescheduling option can be accessed via the confirmation email, reminder email, or by logging into your acuity account.  The system will only allow rescheduling if it is within the specified time limit (48 hours). One reschedule is allowed per appointment using the initial deposit.  The system will cancel any additional reschedules and deposit will be forfeited.


Currently the system does not allow clients to edit their appointment type. In the event you need to change your service, please submit a request at least 48 hours prior to your service.  Services are time based and service changes are not guaranteed. If you are pressed for time, you can cancel your current appointment and schedule a new one. If you cancel your appointment, the system will require you to pay another deposit. There is no way to bypass this.

If a request is submitted outside business hours, expect a response when business resumes.


How this thing works! If you do not see an opening, you may join the waitlist by clicking here. If an opening becomes available, a text will be sent to all individuals on the waitlist who are requesting that particular day and time.  In order to be notified please fill out the form in its entirety.  Do not disregard putting actual dates and times even if you are open.  You will be required to schedule your appointment directly through the booking site. The waitlist resets monthly. To be notified about future openings, you must submit a new form.


Life can be busy right? There are several reminders sent leading up to appointment times to give you an opportunity to cancel/reschedule if needed.  If you cancel your appointment outside of the 48-hour window your deposit will be forfeited.  Please note, when you schedule an appointment, this time is set aside specially for you. 


Please be considerate and arrive to your appointment on time so I can comb your hair.  There is a 15-minute grace period.  After 15 minutes appointment will be cancelled, and deposit will be forfeited. 


Cash, debit, and credit cards (3.1% processing fee). Apple Pay & Zelle are the only forms of accepted payment. 


Additional guests are not permitted under any circumstance while you are being serviced. If you arrive with additional guest your appointment will be canceled, and  deposit will be forfeited.  


Your hair MUST be fully detangled from roots to ends, brushed out, unbraided/untwisted, and build up from braids must be completely removed and ready to be shampooed. There will be $40 additional charge if hair is not detangled upon arrival. If I have to detangle, all scheduled services may not be rendered due to time restraints.  If you have trouble detangling  your hair please add a detangle to your service.


The doors are locked between 7:30 pm and 8am.  If you have an 8am or an appointment after 7:30pm, park in the back of the salon suites.  The doors will be locked, and the front door does not have a keypad for entry. When entering through the back door, only during the hours above will you need to enter code 432 to be buzzed in.  


The waiting area is where you can relax prior to your service.  There are seats located near every hallway.  Contact the salon number (314-249-0206) via text and let me know you've arrived. Please be courteous and do not enter my suite without knocking and waiting. It sends my anxiety through the roof Lawd.


It is sooooo imperative to create an account and I urge you to do so immediately after booking.  You will be able to cancel/reschedule your appointments easily and conveniently, see upcoming and past appointments, as well speed up the booking process for future appointments. The easiest way to create an account by clicking "view appointment details" via your confirmation email.  Next scroll all the way to bottom and select register for an account.  See images.  



Again, thank you for booking with Hair by Marsay and I look forward to seeing you soon!!