Who is she?  Wouldn’t you like to know?  Marsay is a Master Cosmetologist who has been in the industry since the tender age of 12.  At the age of 17 Marsay immediately went off to cosmetology school and began working towards getting her license as well as sleeping in the some of the classes.  However, she was awake for the most important stuff, scouts honor.  She prefers to be called a hairstylist and not a beautician because a beautician is someone who is old(er) and makes you leave grease stains on the couch after you get a press.  Marsay will be okay with being called a beautician when she’s 60ish. 

She services a variety of clients who are all unique in their own way.  Yet very different, they have a few major things in common; considerate, respectful, classy, humorous, honest, understanding women with morals.   It’s not about their status or career that is important to Marsay but more so their characteristics. Marsay believes the client/stylist relationship vibes off of positivity, good energy and connections, and must be healthy as with any other relationship.  In an industry where so many stylist views are “You want my service and I want your money” nothing more and nothing less,  Marsay takes real pride in offering something many others let fall by the wayside; excellent customer service.  After being in this industry 20 years Marsay continues to strive to make her customers experience one they can brag on by never getting too comfortable and always thinking and meditating on what can make the booking and servicing process more seamless.  Marsay is dedicated to giving people an experience and not just a (hairdo), making people look good and feel confident.  She is a humorous stylist, with a slight case of perfectionist syndrome that the strongest meds couldn’t fix and a real passion for what she does.  The goal is for every single client to leave with a new attitude after every single visit. 

About Marsay